Bee Activity

As I have mentioned before, the weather is getting warmer and the bee activity is
increasing, and it is now time to check on the bees and get all our boxes ready, for the spring expansion before crammed hives swarm. So, in honour of all the lady-worker bees, this year we are going to paint our boxes Lilly Legs Pink for something different at Misty Lane & Co Farm.

In order to get things ready, firstly I needed to take stock of all the extra super boxes, nucboxes and make up frames to put into the boxes. So, to get it all done I have wonderful group of keen friends who come over to help learn and play with the bees.

We check each hive, by looking in the brood box and checking each frame to spot the queen, checking the brood (baby bees (larvae) not hatched yet) and just simply checking to see if production is going well. This time of the year it’s good to start to add more frames for extra brood and take the honey frames up into the honey super box to give more room for the brood frames.

After a few days painting and construction of new hives we were able to get a beautiful
sunny day and get to look inside each hive. Reporting back – I can say the hives are slowly building their honey stocks and everything looks fabulous in the world of bees around us.

Ps. Let the clover grow on your lawns, as it’s a great resource for bees.