Beeswax wraps keep produce fresher.


When you wrap your fresh produce in our beeswax wraps, you get a longer life from the items stored. Naturally everything breaks down and decomposes, but the wax and the oils we use, work like the natural skin of the produce. Being anti-bacterial  and anti-fungal the wraps allow the produce to breath and not sweat. With using wraps, you get to keep the nutrients in the food longer that you just bought and you get to eat the produce that has stayed fresher for longer.



CELERY: I get 3 weeks good shelf life in my fridge from celery. I just cut the top and tail off, wash and drain. Then wrap up the celery in the wraps and put into the fridge crisper.

AVOCADO: When you cut the avocado, leave the seed in and wrap in the wax wraps. I get up to 5  days (that's if avo lasts that long in my fridge - such a yummy snack).  (see our 5 day test)

BANANA: If you wrap the top fingers of the banana bunch with the wrap and leave on the bench, it slows the ripening process down. This gives you time to eat what you purchased, instead of have to make banana cake with the over ripened produce. 

Also, if you cut banana, wrap it up the same as the avocado, just leave the skin on. (see our 5 day test)

CHEESE: Un-wrap the cheese from the plastic and wrap the wax wrap around the cheese. I get longer life and the cheese doesn't go dry.

BREAD: I use a sour dough bread and find when I wrap in the jumbo wrap and kept in the fridge, I can get up to 2 weeks out of the life of the bread. It hasn't gone 'brick-hard' and I can still make a toast that is eatable.

HERBS & SALAD GREENS: Rinse and drain then just wrap up and keep in the fridge. 

I also place a wax wrap at the bottom of each crisper compartment. I do this as it also slows down the breaking down process of the fresh produce altogether and the items that are not wrapped in the bees wax wraps just simply benefit from being stored on the wax wraps too.