War On Waste

We are constantly reminded on social media platforms; the effects of what waste is and how we can opt to choose to make a difference. By making changes to habits and routines in our daily lives we can make a difference. So being my first blog effort, I thought it would be a great time to start our MISTY LANE & CO blog and bring to your attention to some great people in our community who are waging a huge effort on the war-on-waste. With every sale of our Beeswax wraps we donate and support Ocean Crusaders. Org (http://oceancrusaders.org/). Who are a charity organisation that specialise in waterway cleaning on larger scale here in Queensland. The entire campaign is run with a passion for the ocean and having seen the issues our wildlife is facing with rubbish in their habitats.

On a positive note is over the month of July, the social media ‘Plastic-free July’ campaign we have had a great response from new and loyal customers starting up staff promotions in their workplaces to get others involved in a Plastic-Free workplace.

Using Beeswax wraps to wrap lunches and bringing your own cutlery to the office using our handcrafted products has seen many people holding competitions in their workplaces to reward others on their efforts. These all have greater impacts in changing habits and bringing a real conscious effort in the war-on-waste into the workplace. Well done to all those people educating others to find changes and reduce waste. It’s our world and we are responsible for it.


A fun fact about our wraps is that a 4pack purchase of beeswax wraps, used on a daily basis for a year can SAVE approximately 250 -300 meters of plastic wrap a year going into the environment.